Welch] Welch Ghost Buster Column - 2017년 4월 LCGC

2020-05-09 00:42

Liquid Chromatography Accessories

Lastly, ghost peaks in gradient LC can not only be a nuisance, but may also interfere with detection and quantitation of target analytes. The source of ghost peaks is often impurities in solvents used in mobile phases. Welch Materials has developed what it calls the Ghost-Buster column to help alleviate the issue. The column, packed with proprietary material, is installed between the gradient mixer and the sample injector and is intended to remove contaminants from the mobile phase and thus reduce or eliminate undesired responses in gradient analyses.

- 출처 : "LCGC Volume 35 Number 4 April 2017" by David S. Bell
(David S. Bell is Senior Manager of separations technologies and workflow development at MilliporeSigma)

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